Outro, Forever

Outro, Forever is a chaotically choreographed allegory of the trans body existing through apocalypse and rebirth which takes place in a hand-made site waiting to be activated. Through an open call, I gathered a group of trans, non-binary and gender-queer performers and began workshopping movements to embody the non-linear narratives of transness, death, and a never-ending loop of apocalypses.

This project consists of a world built from multiple elements that come together sporadically.  The written part is made up of prose split up into 5 segments and scattered throughout the performance. The physical part is a haptic habitat made up of a bendy pillar and curly gate post joined in an arch from which a silk banner hangs, stating:

Once this world is over, we can all go home

And a sprawling mess of astroturf, floor tiles, moss, tubes and branches spills onto the floor. A rope ladder in tatters appears into the space via a semi-spontaneous performance.

The performance stems from a culmination of text and objects, gently guided by prompts and a ChoreoGraph. I made this up (I made it all up) and the graph gives hints as to when each portion of text should be inserted into the performance, and the level of energy that will be given to it.

Influences include: Holly Blakey’s choreography in Cowpuncher My Ass, Charlie Josephine’s play I, Joan, the music of Caroline Polachek, Alex Margo Arden & Caspar Heinemann’s The Farmyard installation, Dykegeist by Eve Stainton, and the awkward masculinity afforded to me by early 00’s metal music.